DONAFY was founded by individuals that felt compelled to do something to help the less fortunate among us.

While living and working in Philadelphia we couldn’t help but notice the great need of many citizens in the city. Whether in the form of homelessness, hunger, or health issues, the poverty around us has continued to grow. The ability to directly impact the lives of strangers in need only seemed to become more difficult.

We created DONAFY to empower every citizen to make an immediate impact in the lives of their neighbors and fellow Philadelphians. With nothing more than a smartphone, you can change the course of someone’s life as you pass by on your way to work or to meet some friends for dinner. Philanthropy was never easier.

Meet the DONAFY Team:


Nikki is an award winning Advocate, Attorney and Motivational Speaker dedicated to using her own personal experiences to impact the lives of others.

Growing up in poverty, her and her mother and younger brother she realized first-hand the horrors of what it meant to be homeless. Her unique ability to identify with the people that are most impacted by our mission is what drives her every day.

Nikki is a 2004 graduate of Temple University Beasley School of Law where she earned a J.D./M.B.A./LL.M in Taxation (at the same time!). Nikki is a Tax Attorney and Founder of The Law Office of Nikki Johnson-Huston LLC, serves on the board of multiple nonprofit service organizations and is an in-demand motivational speaker.


Shawn has been an entrepreneur and tech advocate for his entire professional life. He is also a dedicated advocate for the less fortunate among us.

Growing up in New England, Shawn came from a large family that faced the challenges of many working class Americans. While they didn’t always have a access to the comforts afforded to others, the experiences ingrained in him an unceasing work-ethic and empathy for others that faced similar, or even worse, hardships.

Shawn is also the Founder of LSP E-Discovery Services, a litigation technology company located in Blue Bell, PA serving law firms and corporate legal departments. He has directed the development of multiple software and web-based applications to serve both business and consumer customers.